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Zazie Productions

Zazie Productions




United States 28806

Additional Info:

Zazie Productions is an Asheville-based experimental producer, multi-instrumentalist, graphic designer,
and prolific playlist curator who has been featured on The Typescript magazine.
In 2021, they were commissioned by Black Mountain College to make an innovative work of sound art based upon the legacy and experimental spirit of the college. Starting with Erik Satie’s Gymnoèdie No. 1 using musique concrète techniques, Zazie’s work that honored "Cheap Imitation," John Cage's homage to Satie. They produced an impressive piece with multiple arrangements, and with different phrasings. This composition is titled "Cheaper Impressions'' that is featured on the EP titled Cheaper Impressions

Their work is a product of limitless influences—the ambient soundscapes of Brian Eno, the lachrymose strings of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the eccentricity of Frank Zappa, the pitch bending of Iannis Xenakis, the unforgiving synth attack of Stereolab, the visceral emotional power of Joy Division, the complex arpeggios of Philip Glass, the squalling feedback of The Velvet Underground, reverb soaked shimmer of my bloody valentine, the surreal cinematic grandeur of Danny Elfman, the guitar feedback freakouts of Thurston Moore, the spectral sounds of the Ghost Box record label, the warbling sonic collages of Nurse With Wound,
and the unstructured miasma of a psychotic break. Everything from plunderphonics with yodeling samples to conducting orchestras using vacuum cleaners.


Contemporary Music, Improvisation, Film Music Composition, Popular / Alternative, TV / Radio Composition

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