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Marcelo Araújo

Marcelo Araújo






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Marcelo Araújo

Marcelo Araújo (February 26, 1987) is one of the most versatile drummers of his generation, owner of a unique sensitivity and personality in his approach to the instrument, where he reveals himself not only as a drummer with a tempo and groove format, but also of excellence in the art of improvisation, the latter being his main characteristic.
It was in 1992 when he was just 5 years old that Marcelo Araújo enthusiastically received his first drum set.
Born into a family of musicians, he began the profession through his father with whom he took his first practical drum lessons, as well as music theory and ear training, fundamental elements for his development as a self-taught musician during those early years.After assimilating the fundamentals and acquiring the necessary rhythmic confidence, Marcelo Araújo was invited to participate in the quartet that his father led. Marcelo played both drums and percussion instruments, alongside his uncle, also a musician/percussionist, Tony Araújo.
In 1999, when he turned 12 years old, he became a drummer in Sávio Araújo's project, and with his father Marcelo Araújo he played with different musicians and in different musical situations, which ended up influencing him to approach music as a whole.
It was in this sense, with this project, that he performed several concerts in various concert halls from north to south of Portugal, one of the highlights of that year, 1999, being the 3 nights in which he performed in one of the most prestigious jazz clubs in Europe – the emblematic Hot Clube of Portugal.
A musical experience that greatly enriched him as a musician took place in 1999 when he played with the Hot Club de Portugal Big Band led by North American maestro Bob Sadin, a concert that took place in the large Gulbenkian auditorium, the stage where Marcelo Araújo He felt privileged to play alongside musicians such as percussionist Cyro Batista, double bassist Ira Coleman, soloists Tom Harrel and Tim Hagans on trumpet and American drummer Troy Davis with whom he took lessons.
That same year he participated in the jazz workshop in Loures where he took drum lessons with Carlos Teixeira (Cacun), João Moreira, Bernardo Moreira, Paula Oliveira and Bernardo Sassetti.
In 2000, after finishing the 2nd cycle, he entered the Escola Profissional de Música da Covilhã where he studied with maestro Luis Cipriano, musical training and auditory training, took classes with professor Rui Melo with whom he learned the basic fundamentals of the piano but also how to play the famous etudes by Bach, Czern and Bartok. He was a classical percussion student of professor Isabel Coelho with whom he learned to play the marimba, vibraphone, timpani and orchestral multi-percussion.
After finishing a year of preparation in the 2000/2001 academic year at the Escola Profissional de Música da Covilhã, Marcelo Araújo entered the most prestigious percussion school in Portugal, the Escola Profissional de Música in Espinho, where he studied for 3 years (2001/2004 ). At this school, Marcelo Araújo had access to the best classical percussion teachers in Portugal, as well as teachers Nuno Aroso and Pedro Oliveira on marimba and vibraphone, and teachers Rui Gomes and Joaquim Alves on timpani and orchestral multi-percussion.
In 2006 he moved to the city of Lisbon where he played and recorded with numerous national and international artists.
In 2007 he was invited to join the trio and quintet of Cuban pianist/composer Victor Zamora with whom he played in various venues and festivals across the country.
In 2008 he toured across the country (Portugal) with the emblematic Portuguese singer/author Paulo de Carvalho, with whom he stayed for 8 years and recorded two albums.
From 2009 to 2023 he has been on numerous tours with different artists playing at festivals and concert halls around the world.


Early Music, Contemporary Music, Jazz, Improvisation, Musical Theatre, Orchestral Work, Session Work, Solo Performance

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