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HVRMELODI (Uriah Neabar)

HVRMELODI (Uriah Neabar)


Singer (Baritone)


United States

Additional Info:

HVRMELODI, born Uriah Gabriel Neabar, is a gifted American singer-songwriter and record producer with an ethereal voice and poetic flair. As a musical prodigy, he started songwriting at ten and delved into music production by twelve. Drawing inspiration from the words "harmony," "melody," and "kid luxury," Neabar gained recognition for his evocative single "Obsession" and his time with Kingdom Province Music.

Having explored diverse genres such as EDM, techno, house, and pop, Neabar ultimately chose to pursue a solo career in 2022. Tracing his roots in Milford and West Haven, Connecticut, HVRMELODI was immersed in various music styles early on. His journey led him to create unique tracks like "Call Me" blending electric guitar with pitched vocals.

A versatile artist by nature, Neabar's musical contributions span from Contemporary Christian records to dream pop and chill beats. His artistic prowess can be traced back to Kingdom Province Music where he produced majority of their songs before deciding to embark on his solo journey in 2022.

With an enthralling blend of magnetic vocals and refined production techniques, HVRMELODI continues to captivate listeners across genres as he forges ahead in his solo career.


$50—10,000 (USD). Only for live appearances and performances. Contact for information about: Special Requests, Artist features, Audiences with over 10,000 attendees.


Contemporary Music, Musical Theatre, Solo Performance

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