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Chanah Ambuter

Chanah Ambuter




West Bloomfield
United States 48323


Business Phone: 248-440-7525 (please note, calls will be returned from my mobile number to moderate spam calls).

Additional Info:

Playing the Harp

The harp is a beautiful and versatile instrument, dating back over seven thousand years. Everyone from shepherds to kings could play - and so can you! Today, there is fantastic music for the harp in practically every genre. Whether it's classical, jazz, new age, pop, movie and soundtrack, religious, or world music, you can play it on the harp!

I welcome students of any age, background, and experience. Weekly or biweekly lessons are easily affordable, and I can arrange for the rental of a stellar instrument for you. I prefer to teach in my studio, but am willing to drive to your home.

The harp is fun and satisfying to play. When you pluck a single string, the entire instrument shimmers with sound. Just wait until you can play your favorite songs, the hot new hit on the radio, ancient ballads from Ireland, or timeless classics by the Great Composers.

My Approach to Teaching
I believe that any artistic pursuit is based on relationships and expression. Music is a language just like speech, and in the same way, forges bonds between the four pillars of the experience of music: the instrument, the player, the music, and the audience. You are the master storyteller, and whether you're playing for your own pleasure or for an audience, you need to breathe life into the music. The harp sounds its best when you are relaxed, confident in your ability to execute your intentions, and passionate about the story.

I believe that teachers form a fifth tie in the relationship system. Communication and context with you are vitally important to me. This means that if you are passionate about pop songs and unmoved by opera, or you love classical but not rap, I'll work with you to nourish your musical voice. I'll meet you in your goals, whether that's to play harp as a hobby or as a professional musician. In our lessons, we'll incorporate healthy technique and posture, relaxation of the hands and upper body, and physical comfort. Your body is an instrument, too, and no one technique fits everyone!

I include a wide range of repertoire as you progress through skill levels. Each musical era and genre has something valuable to offer to the art of music; I want to enable you to play whatever you fancy without struggle. A sample week's work for an intermediate student would include warm-ups, etudes (short "study" piece focusing on refining a technical aspect), and at least one recital piece. I'll also help you prepare any audition excerpts and ensemble pieces.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch with me for more information about how to begin playing the harp!


$ 50.00 Dollars Per Hour
$25 for 30-minutes
$37.50 for 45-minutes
$50 for 60-minutes/1 hour.

Weekly or bi-weekly lessons available!

Will Teach:

Beginners, Intermediate Grades, Advanced Grades, Diploma / Higher Levels, Adult Beginners

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