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Please visit our youtube channel for lessons and other guitar related things:

Additional Info:

A fun and welcoming group which is suitable for beginners to advanced players, please select your group according to your ability from the drop down menu.

While making music together we'll cover all the essential elements of guitar playing:

- Get a groove on with CHORDS and STRUMMING.

- Make chords come alive with FINGERPICKING PATTERNS

- Turn the guitar into a voice by PLAYING MELODIES

- Jam with others and learn to IMPROVISE!

- Get any party started by PLAYING and SINGING (Optional)

- Turn your guitar into a piano by PLAYING SOLO ARRANGEMENTS

We take a wide variety of pieces and explore them from every angle! That way each student can choose to broaden their abilities and/or specialise in the parts of playing that inspire them most! So if singing is your thing: You can choose to focus on that and sing along during the class! If you want to play solo like Tommy Emmanuel, fingerpick like James Taylor or John Mayer, Improvise, or just play to relax... you can focus on any of these areas while playing along with the group from day 1!

About Alt Guitar

We are Ariel and Jonny and its been our mission for the last 20 years to help people get the most out of the guitar and we are so excited about group lessons. We have found group lessons to be the most enjoyable and effective way to help students achieve their playing goals fast.

In our group lessons we will be sharing everything we have learned and taught over the years. From chords and strumming to the intricacies of finger style and the unique skills required to play with others, improvise and sing along.

The beauty of the group is that everyone develops in a very natural and individual way - all while playing together in harmony and in time. The result is accelerated progress and a group of versatile and creative players!

We are graduates from the Royal College and Royal Northen College of Music and have studied with some of the leading guitarists and teachers in the world. Over the past 20 years we've had the privilege of helping 1000's of students succeed in their own musical journeys and we hope to be able to help you too!


£ 20.00 Pounds Per Hour

Will Teach:

Beginners, Intermediate Grades, Advanced Grades, Adult Beginners

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