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Julian Wagstaff

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1. Piano Quintet (Mvt 1 excerpt) - Julian Wagstaff
Composed: 2002. Appears on the Edinburgh Quartet album 'Frontiers and Bridges', released on the Circular Records label. The pianist is Alina Kolonitskaya.
2. Finale from the opera 'Breathe Freely' (excerpt) - Julian Wagstaff
Composed: 2013. Appears on the album 'Breathe Freely', released on the Linn Records label in 2015, in association with Scottish Opera. Vocal soloists are Laura Margaret Smith, Paul Curievici and Phil Gault. Players are Pete Furniss (Clarinet), Mark Bailey (cello) and Andrew Johnston (piano). Conducted by Derek Clark.
3. In Extremis (Mvt 1 excerpt) - Julian Wagstaff
String trio, composed: 2011. Performed by members of the Edinburgh Quartet.
4. Song to Me (from the musical 'John Paul Jones') - Julian Wagstaff
Composed: 2001. Performed by Jane C. Young with the Paul Jones Orchestra. Available on the John Paul Jones original soundtrack CD (2002) on the Freedom Company label.
5. Treptow - for string orchestra - Julian Wagstaff
Composed: 2015. Inspired by the Soviet war memorial in Treptow Park, east Berlin. Performed by the Rose Street Ensemble, conducted by Richard Lewis.
6. The Turing Test opera (live excerpts) - Julian Wagstaff
Composed: 2006. Performed by Edinburgh Studio Opera (formerly the Edinburgh University Opera Club) on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 2007. The excerpts are from the 'Devil's Alternative' aria and the 'Humingbird Duet'.
7. Hebridean Sunset Rag - Julian Wagstaff
Composed: 2006. This is a synthesised recording. Versions of the work exist for for the following instrument combinations: Violin and Piano; Flute and Piano; Clarinet and Piano; Clarinet, Cello and Piano.
8. Everything Solid Melts into Air - Julian Wagstaff
Performed by the band The Firrenes (it rhymes with 'beans'!), from the album 'Door Too Wide', released 2018. See

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